These are some of the Volunteer Opportunities that are available in the fall

These are but a few of the events held in the Fall semester. Some other events that are not listed include: football home game color guards, hats and gloves for homeless sale, and Veterans Day parade. All the proceeds that are raised from the smaller sales go to charitable organizations that are veteran friendly, directly related to, and more often Michigan based.

Welcome Back Event

Each fall the Student Veterans Organization (SVO) celebrates the return to school with an event that is funded by the Student Senate Activities Committee. This Welcome Back Event is free to all students at Wayne State University. The events includes free food, music that is either by a D.J. or live bands, and activities to welcome back everyone after a summer break from studies.


Thanksgiving Day Meal

Each year on Thanksgiving Day, the SVO volunteers their time during the morning to serve the noon meal at the Michigan Veterans Foundation (MVF). This is also the time that they are divvying out all of the cold weather gear that they obtained.

The Cold Weather Clothing Drive

Is for the homeless veterans that are unfortunate enough not to have warm clothing during the some of the coldest time of the year. The drive starts in the beginning of October and culminates on Thanksgiving Day, where the SVO collects, sorts, and distributes all of the donated clothing they have obtained.

Christmas Card Sale

It is a sale that the SVO puts together giving the entire student body a chance to sign a Christmas card for rehabilitating veterans that cannot make it home for the holiday. These veterans are in the John Dingell VA Medical Center without family most of the time and this is a way to show appreciation to those who were injured in the line of duty. 

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